By Jennifer R. Scott
Do you feel like you gain weight just looking at food? You’re not alone. Many struggling dieters wonder, “why do I gain weight so easily?” and “why do I keep gaining weight?”  You may feel like you are doing everything right with your diet and exercise plan, making these questions even more frustrating. I understand. And I’ve dealt with the same questions.

Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?
It’s not uncommon to have friends who can eat anything and stay thin as a rail. Almost anyone with a weight problem knows someone who makes them simply green with envy. You know who I’m talking about—that person who seems to just eat endless amounts of food but never seems to gain a pound. It’s so frustrating.  And it’s especially hard if that person eats all the foods you love but you know you have to avoid them.

The bottom line is that it makes me feel bad. And it makes me want to blame someone. Sound familiar? If so, what do you say to yourself to make it all better?

It often feels like I gain weight just looking at food. In fact, I’ve even said it out loud. This outcry usually happens as I watch a skinny person eat a donut while I munch away on a stalk of celery. If I think this way makes me feel better for a moment, but deep down I know that it’s simply not true. So what is the truth? The truth is that there are real reasons that some people are thin and some people aren’t

 Why Do I Gain Weight Easily?
It’s very difficult to know the exact reasons why some people gain weight so easily while others seem to be immune to weight gain. They eat whatever they want while I eat almost nothing and get bigger. Of course, restraining yourself while you watch others indulge can be maddening.

And it can also make you feel hopeless.
But the truth is, my weight will always come down to my own eating choices and exercise habits. And yours does too. Fair or not, weight gain and weight loss is unique from person to person and always will be. But it’s important to face the truth. It’s not about feeling ashamed. It’s more about creating hope.

Stop Weight Gain and Feel Better Today
If I want to stop getting mad, put an end to the frustration and stop gaining weight so easily, I need to look at each situation differently. And you can, too. We can take a moment to consider the skinny donut eater in a different light. Perhaps that person makes it a habit to exercise extra hard every day. Or maybe they have a “cheat” day now and again, but the rest of the time they eat healthy calorie-controlled meals.

And remember, metabolism greatly affects a person’s tendency to lose or gain weight. Changing your metabolism is harder than changing your eating and exercise habits. You can strive to achieve a skinny person’s eating habits or fitness level, but you just can’t make their metabolism yours.

There are some factors in weight gain we simply have no control over. But there are others that we can change. There are hormones that affect hunger and metabolism. We can’t control those. But I can make the healthiest choices possible when I eat. And I can exercise to feel good about my body, not just to lose weight.  Then if I still gain weight easily, I know that I’m doing the best that I can for my health and well-being.

The change in perspective may not change my weight, but then again, it just might. If nothing else, it can make me feel better about my body and my weight…at any size.



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